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~Welcome to House of Dachshunds~

Welcome to House Of Dachshunds located in Phoenix, Arizona. My name is Kim Ulmer and I've been breeding Dachshunds for over 20 years. I have loved these mischievous, stubborn little clowns since I was a child.  This being said my family and I have truly become a house (full) of Dachshunds. Our hope and goal is for you and your family to experience the same love and joy that we have. Our puppies are homegrown, family raised indoors and well socialized. We offer all colors and patterns assigned to the breed, in smooth coat and longhair (sorry no wire hair).

I am NOT a Dog.
I am a Dachshund.
I'm half wolverine, half barb wire and all attitude.
I am either your best friend or your worst enemy, depending on YOUR attitude.
I can fight the wildest badger or play with the gentlest child.
I can hunt all day in snow storms, pouring rain or blistering heat and then ask you to throw the ball when we get done.
I will argue with you at every turn. After all, I know what I'm doing and the best way to get it done.
I am easy to feed. I will eat your steak or the dead, rotten rabbit I found in the field.
You will never be without a navigator in the truck.
I will protect you from burglars, raccoons, badgers and that strange pesky shadow in the corner of the house.
I will hog the bed and the couch.
I will steal your sandwich, your chair, your boot, and your heart.
You will never have to go to the bathroom alone ever again.
I will lick your face right after I eat the head off the rabbit I just killed in the yard.
I will sleep next to you when you are sick and heal you with my love.
Respect me.
Love me.
But NEVER underestimate me.
Author unknown

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